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Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty now generally available

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Arnold van Wijnbergen
Arnold van Wijnbergen
Your buddy for Azure knowledge
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Release blog for Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty

After two years of close collaboration, Microsoft announcing general availability of Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty. Your own Azure Buddy was part of this journey with the Microsoft product group (PG).

Really proud to see NCSC-NL adopted this way to meet a wide range of national (BIO) and regional compliance requirements for applications and workloads, including governance, security controls, privacy, and in some cases data residency and sovereign protections.

Summary of our exploration journey

Our innovation teams are exploring ways to use advanced data and AI capabilities to reduce the time required to interpret signal data and produce advisories from days to minutes, delivering an EU leading rapid response and information sharing in a dynamic cyber threat landscape.
Arnoud van Petersen, CIO & Head of IT Services at NCSC-NL

Read more about the announcement in the Official release blog.


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